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In this day and age of corporatocracy consumers are being forced to burden an excessive load through misguided policy and unfair practices. As consumers we are being challenged more than ever. Consumer Litigation Associates has built a tremendous reputation championing the principle that we, as citizens, truly drive the economy and require the most protection. Whether battling corporate greed as advisors to Congress or protecting everyday individuals from shady financial institutions CLA is the beacon of hope each one of us deserve. Hampton Roads is fortunate to have one of the best consumer protection firms in the nation. You aren't alone in your struggles to stay out of (or get out of) debt caused by illegal loans and / or shady financial institutions. When I was suffering with excessive debt and getting kicked around because of my credit rating CLA's staff assured me that there was hope and agreed to represent me. Due to my history of conflict with unethical financial institutions (and other lawyers) I had difficulties trusting any business and initially struggled to let CLA do what they do best. Fear and frustration had taken their toll so I had irrational expectations initially. I wanted (and did) call to talk about my case with the lawyer who was handling it. Eventually I realized that any one of their staff was more than capable of helping me with my numerous / constant worries and it would benefit everyone if I could manage to trust CLA and not interrupt with my excessive calls and visits. Their lawyers work harder and longer than I thought possible and the eventual results of my case were better than I had ever dreamed. I don't think "miracle" is the proper (or polite) word to describe the service that CLA provided me, but I can't think of a better description for it. If you're in need of an ally in your struggle with a financial bully I recommend you contact them. CLA will fight for you!

– Darrell Harrah, ★★★★★ Review

I was referred to Mr. Bennett as an expert in loan laws and with his expertise he was able to handle my issue completely off the top of his head. I was absolutely impressed and between his knowledge and friendly demeanor would wholeheartedly recommend him for any services.

– Past Client, ★★★★★ Review

Best firm if your name was falsely reported to criminal background reporting agencies.

– Jose Rivera, ★★★★★ Review

Mr. Bennett and Donna helped me a ton when I was denied credit because of inaccurate information on my credit report. The office was always so helpful and the front desk was always so nice when needing to speak to Donna constantly.

– A. McCann, ★★★★★ Review

Top flight lawyers handling all manner of consumer litigation, individual and class actions. I am a "competitor," and if I had a consumer case of my own, I would go to CLA!

– Drew Sarrett, ★★★★★ Review

Sydne and CLA were amazing to work with ! She made the entire fight worth the while! Sydney was on top of everything that came our way. And the end process was worth it!

– Laurie Finch, ★★★★★ Review

One of the best consumer law firms in the country with a history of ground-breaking results and elite advocacy. I've worked with the lawyers at Consumer Litigation Associates on many occasions as co-counsel and we have achieved some great results for out clients.

– John Albanese, ★★★★★ Review

CLA and their lawyers are national-level experts in consumer protection litigation. As an attorney myself, they are simply great to work with. For consumers, they will fight to get the very best results.

– Mark Leffler, ★★★★★ Review

I hired Consumer Litigation Associates to handle an issue that I was having with one of the major credit bureaus. Consumer Litigation Associates handled my issue and concerns with professionalism and courtesy from the receptionist to my attorney C. Marchiando.

My case was settled out of court with monetary compensation that I can live with.

If you or someone that you know are going through unnecessary trials and tribulations with the credit bureaus for reporting inaccuracies, mixing of information to your credit file, that has caused you financial harm. Examples: Like not getting credit, a loan to purchase a home, vehicle or employment opportunities.

Gather up all you documents and give Consumer Litigation Associates a call.

They helped my family and I, and I'm sure that they can help you as well. "DO NOT TRY TO FIGHT THE CREDIT BUREAUS ALONE"

I would recommend Consumer Litigation Associates to my family members and friends.

– Michelle Simmons, ★★★★★ Review

Len Bennett and the entire Consumer Litigation Associates staff were amazing to work with. Len is truly a God-send. We fought big banks and won! Len brings deep consumer protection experience and expertise that is unmatched. I am surprised to see anything else than 5 stars for this law firm!

– J.M., ★★★★★ Review

Consumer Litigation Associate was a Godsend! I was lost and did not know where to turn. I had been battling for months with multiple agencies. The level of professionalism was above and beyond my expectations. My case was handled in a timely manner with more than I could imagine.

– Sherri Breen, ★★★★★ Review

I was referred to Mr. Bennett as an expert in loan laws and with his expertise he was able to handle my issue completely off the top of his head. I was absolutely impressed and between his knowledge and friendly demeanor would wholeheartedly recommend him for any services.

– Drake Sheffield, ★★★★★ Review

Leonard Bennett was able to help us win against a company attempting to get a judgment to garnish our wages. We ended up winning our counter claim and their case was dismissed. We appreciate the work provided by Mr. Bennett!!

– Maria McCoy, ★★★★★ Review
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